Frederick Kempe & Chinese Connection

Fred Kempe, amongst his other transactions and organisation involvements, is a Director of Leopard Procurement Corp. This is an 'Covering Business' without any actual ventures or history on the net with the exception of becoming part of the merger in between the Chinese company Leyard that bought and integrated the American company Planar.

That claimed, there are other individuals who are connected to®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/Frederick Kempe 'Leopard' that are also Board Members as well as essential Stakeholders. The adhering to individuals listed here are Participants of Leopard Purchase Corp's Board:

Thomas J. Edelman, Susan E. Engel, Donald P. Greenberg, Daniel W. Chef as well as Allan R. Tessler.

Interestingly, all those people are in some way connected to the Atlantic Council !!! Further examinations have actually disclosed that there is no straight connection in between them - other than for Kempe- and the Atlantic Council!. All of the above individuals are also Supervisors on the board of directors of Planar.

Regarding the merging itself, the Chinese firm Leyard got 100% of the shares in Planar on August 12th 2015. Specifically, it was the American subsidiary (Leyard American Firm) of the Frederick Kempe Chinese Leyard (Leyard Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.) that carried out the acquisition (although the American subsidiary is possessed by the Chinese) of Planar Systems Inc. as well as this was facilitated by Leopard Purchase Corp

. Remarkably, inning accordance with the US Stocks and Exchange Commission document, Leopard was

developed for the function of this deal. It is consequently uncertain why the 'Leopard' company was established in 2008? The dubious nature of Leopards purchases has actually clarified Fred Kempe's questionable organisation tasks!

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